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Hanuel Park (하늘공원): Summertime

Last year, May 2016, summer came early and we decided to spent a few hours walking in this lovely urban setting. It was only a month when I arrived in Korea and I was excited to see the lovely nature of Korea. I found this park so beautiful, a true hidden treasure of Seoul. Hanuel… Continue reading Hanuel Park (하늘공원): Summertime

Themed Parks

First Garden in Paju: A Secret Haven

South Korea have lots of garden and you can't put down any of these garden. An hour drive from Seoul, there's a heavenly place, where you can experience a Greek mythology atmosphere, this is the First Garden, located in Paju, a city of Gyeonggi-do. Before the main gate you can see these fountains, a restaurant… Continue reading First Garden in Paju: A Secret Haven