Goblin became a hit because the story was really amazing plus the things you can have as a fan. From OST CD’s, books, plush toys, perfume, candles, bags and even the fashion of the artists been the interests of the viewers. I listed some of the stuff that every “Goblin” fan must have.

Goblin Original Soundtrack

The OST are great. I’m listening on it all the time.

Goblin Photo Essay| Photo Book

The photo book was aweseome! Must buy if you want to keep something as souvenier.

Maybe Stars Will Take Your Sadness Away (Poetry Anthology)


Bonicrew Plush Toys

I got also the Boglegel Doll. It’s really cute and you can’t resist not to buy.  You cant from buy it from Bonicrew website or Gmarket.

2s Candle

2S candle to summon Goblin.. hehehe

Ji Eun Tak’s Bag from Pauls Botique

Ji Eun Tak’s Middle Nicole, Enamel bag from Pauls Botique. You can also from Gmarket or Ebay

Pure Love WHITE MUSK from The Body Shop

The perfume of Kim Shin that won’t make you immortal but it will make smell good. ❤

Ji Eun Tak’s Necklace from Stylus

You can buy this from Gmarket

Grim Reaper and Sunny’s Couple Bracelet from Stylus

You can buy this from Stylus Jewellery

Sunny’s Bag from Pauls Boutique

I got my Yoo In Na’s bag in Goblin from Pauls Botique

The Red Scarf

Okay, that’s me but I’m shy to show off my self 😀

You can buy all the stuff in Gmarket except for the scarf, the Stylus bracelet and the Pure Love White Musk of The Body Shop.

Still have more to add? Just comment down and will try my best to look where to buy it.

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