When you hear the place Nami Island, which comes first in your mind? I guess it would be the drama series way back 2002, Winter Sonata where the setting was in Nami Island and led by Bae Yong-joon and Choi Ji-woo. If I am not mistaken Winter Sonata was aired in the Philippines after 2003 by GMA and that started we Filipinos have knew about the Nami Island.


The first time I came here was last year 2016, it’s winter time but sad it didn’t snow. This is one of my favorite destinations in Korea. We used the ferry boat to go to the island but you can also use the zip wire if you want and that costs 38,000 won.


This is how Nami Island looks like during winter when it’s not covered with snow.  I wish I checked the weather if it’s snowing or not so I saw how this island became white.


So for the first time I saw the Cholo and Jodie statue ~ I saw how people have known this drama even if its been a long time. A lot of people taking pictures in this statue.


Nami Island was the first filming location of one of the korean dramas I have watched. I am fan since “The Autumn in Heart” was aired in my country.


During winter, this fire pits are used . When you feel really cold you can stay here for a bit.


One of the best statue you will love and understand when you are a breastfeeding mom. I breastfeed my son since birth up to now and he’s 18 months already. That’s a awesome, right?


I like this rock stackings. In Korea, you will find a lot of this, in temples and on hiking trails. My teacher told me that you add a rock to a stack and make a wish. If the stacks stays still you wish will come true but when if its falls then your wish won’t come true. Some also uses this rock stack as prayers.


I brought my friends with me and took some photos of them there. These are Sonny Angels, cute and small toys which came in a blind box. If you are interested with them you can buy them at any Art Box shop in Korea.

Though I did not took a lot of photos of the Island because I was overwhelmed. I am more excited to see the place than take pictures 😀 It was my birthday so I enjoyed the amazing view of the place.

We also came to Nami at the last week of Spring. We take the ferry boat again and the buggy since I was with my sister-in-laws family. We have kids and I think it’s more advisable to ride on it.


I love flowers as always so I won’t let the chance not to take any flowers.


Not sure, if this rail bike was new or not because I didn’t saw this last winter and some of the sides was under renovation.


My son who’s trying to remove the skin of each tree that he passed by. 😀

You can also check this Nami Island and Petite France in 1 Day tour I found online.

How to go there:
Take a train to Gapyeong Station.
From Gapyeong Station, ride a tourist bus going to Nami Island.

Zip Wire: 38,000 won (includes entrance fee and ferry fare)
Visa Fee and round trip fare:  8,000 won (foreigner)