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I don’t like traveling when its raining. But I love rainy days at home. When I was young I love to play under the rain together with my friends. But it’s different now. I don’t feel like going outside when its raining because I have a child to bring whenever I travel so going outside is not possible when it’s raining unless its an emergency.

It’s been raining lately here in Seoul, specially at night. It’s boring.. you can’t even go outside during the day because the weather is too hot and then it will rain at night… though there are places that are rain-proof still it’s hard to travel carrying an umbrella plus a backpack and so on.

So here’s what I do when it’s raining here.

KIIP Level 3

I study Korean language. When you live in Korea or you are married or working in Korea, learning the language is very important because its the only way how to communicate with other people since not all Koreans speaks English.

Descendants of the Sun, Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo

I watch Korean dramas. This is the best thing to do either it’s raining or not. But it’s best when it’s raining. Lie in bed or sit on a couch while watching and eating ramyeon or drinking a hot coffee or tea. Chicken and beer is perfect too.

Descendants of the Sun OST Playlist

I listened to music. If the servers of the website where I watch Korean drama is down, no choice but to just have to listen to music. I am a music lover. It’s just that music doesn’t love me at all 😀

This a “Mother and Child” 3D Resin Diamond Cross Stitch

Make crafts. I also make crafts like 3D Resin Diamond Cross stitching, crochet,  book coloring, customizing my blog and editing pictures for my blog. Aside from taking care of my 18 months son this is how I spend my free time aside from traveling.



Rainy days can really get you down. It can affect your emotions like being sad and gloomy just like the weather. Remember the Carpenter’s Song “Rainy days and Mondays always get me down.” It’s truly affect our mood. So when it’s raining we have to do some activities to make us feel good, like watching a cheerful movie or drama, playing games, doing arts or crafts, reading books, listening to music or exercise.

So if you are a person who hates rain do not isolate your self in a rainy weather. Because when people are with themselves and alone, they feel more lonely and weary when its raining. They feel more worse than ordinary days.  So connect with your friends or family and do not hide alone. No matter how dark and gloomy the weather is, we have to be positive and always happy. ❤