Last year, May 2016, summer came early and we decided to spent a few hours walking in this lovely urban setting. It was only a month when I arrived in Korea and I was excited to see the lovely nature of Korea. I found this park so beautiful, a true hidden treasure of Seoul.


Hanuel Park is one of the five parks of World Cup Park which was built to commemorate the 17th FIFA World Cup. Located in the highest part of the World Cup Park.

april_2017-07-01-23-00-50-195Hanuel Park is once a landfill where peanuts and sorghum grew and became and mountain of garbage. When it reached its capacity the operation stopped in 1993, and the Seoul Metropolitan Government decided to turn the landfill into an ecological park. It became a good example that shows  how a land full of garbage’s became a beautiful place.


There are different ways to get up to the top. You may either climb the 290 steps, hiking or take the buggy for KW5000 per person (2-way trip). Since we went there together with my son we took the electric shuttle car to take us to the park.

april_2017-07-02-06-12-17-336Spending time walking around the fields was a great experience and relaxing. I enjoyed the beautiful nature with a smile.


In Korean, Hanuel means “sky” and the park literally offers you the view of the sky and the anticipating views of the land of Seoul and Han River.

april_2017-07-02-06-15-49-372They have cozy places where you can stop by and sit and watch the amazing views of the field.

april_2017-07-02-06-20-21-911I love this shot. Hanuel Park’s “Bowl Full of Sky” is an  observatory platform where you can take in a 360 degree views of Seoul.

From Haneul Park’s ‘Bowl Full of Sky’ 

I went there and climbed up and saw how beautiful the scenery was. I saw how the government made this landfill into a beautiful place closer to nature. Closer ~ every steps I made was worth it. Every corner was incredible.

april_2017-07-02-06-25-13-563In this shot where the it shows the shorter green grass that lies in to the horizon. I love this place. Quaint and away from the hustle bustle of the city.


Rest your eyes through the beauty of the rocks, grasses and flowers. Though the flowers and grasses are in in full bloom when we went here still it was a great experience.


The fields of silver grass that gently dances with the wind of summer. The hues of green and golden yellow which made it perfect.


The park was relaxing on a fair-weather day. The wind was just perfect and made the grass wave lazily around like in the movies. This place me feel closer to the sky.


I enjoyed taking photos in this photogenic park., specially the flowers and views of the field.  It allowed me to relax and disconnect from the city. My feelings and mind were at peace in this place. april_2017-07-02-06-34-56-319

Watching and taking photos of flowers made me feel happy. So wherever I go, there’s no reason to forget to take photos of the flowers.

april_2017-07-02-06-33-59-977The flowers are perfect with each other.  Though the best time come here is mid of Summer and Autumn, because the grasses and flowers are fully bloom and its the most beautiful time of the park. In Summer, they have the Sunflower Festival and during Autumn they have the Eulalia Festival. Though I didn’t saw sunflowers when we went here maybe because I went too early.


Haneul Park is one of those places you can visit when you want to escape from the busy life in the city. And I would love to come back again and again. I would love to see this park again in  a different season. I wonder what it will looks like through out the year! This park is highly recommended. ❤

Directions to Haneul Park

By subway: 
Get off at World Cup Stadium Station on line No. 6 and head out of exit No. 1. Walk straight along the main road and turn right. Cross the street and take the overpass toward the park entrance. You will then find yourself at the base of the park’s “Stairway to Heaven.”

By bus:
Buses No. 271, 571, 7011, 7013, and 7715 stop in front of Haneul Park.