SEOULLO 7017 was opened to public last May 20, 2017. This is located in the heart of Seoul, a 938m- overpass starting from Manli-dong to Namdaemun Market, where you can able to see or view the streets below from above. 

SEOULLO 7017 derived its name from the Seoul Station overpass that was built in the 1970’s and been transformed into a modernized and beautiful sky garden this year of 2017. There are approximately 24,000 kinds of plants and flowers that fill the garden and have a 4 meter high pillars located along the Seoullo that will turn into lamps at night.

The way going to or from Manli-dong Plaza.


Though the roses are not in bloom anymore like the one I saw from Seoul Rose Festival, the Rose Garden is I think the most attractive sight here. There is also a Rose Stage where some performances held  and usually the schedule is night time.


This peeping pot have small holes that you can see some live pictures. I tried to peep on the hole and I saw the miniature of the road down the overpass and a flying butterfly. A passed on this spot twice but no one was curious what is it. So I tried looking in the holes then few people came to look after what I did.


A trampouline for kids less than 150cm tall. I saw kids passing by together with their parents but no one ever wanted to try due to hot weather. It’s better if they put a shade so its not too hot to play even at daytime.


Okay?! I tried looking down but I can’t. I’m afraid of heights ㅠㅠ Through the holes you can see different kinds of vehicles passing by.


When Seoullo 7017 was opened to public this Pebble Foot Pool was working and sad to say that today its under repair. A blogger who came to check this out says she thought the water was warm and relaxing but when she tried, it was very cold.

Nothing is much interesting in this place except for the flowers but this place is something you can’t add in your itinerary. There are more better and interesting places in Seoul. But take note if you are korean drama addict this sky garden was featured in “Fight MY Way” korean drama.

But if you want to check the place out of curiosity, then you can check this plan so you can see Seoullo 7017’s amenities. The place must be overrated but one thing I liked here was the elevators. The place is convenient to old people who wants to have a walk at the over pass, easy way to parents who have kids that use strollers and for handicaps who use wheelchairs.



How to go there: Seoul Station, Subway Line 1, Exit 2 or 8.