Yesterday I was bored at home so I decided to go back to Anguk where Bukchon Hanok Village is located. Then on my way there I saw this familiar Tea House~ This “Tea House Whitebirch Story” or known as 자작나무이야기 was featured in the Korean drama Goblin where Eun Tak and Sunny went together.

The location of this tea house is not actually where people can see it right away. But if you are good at following directions you can find it easily.

When I first saw this tea house, I find it interesting~ the design is unique. It is a ancient and modern style. Actually the place inside is instagrammable ♡ there’s a lot of things you can capture~ from small toys to books and posted notes.

This is the main door where the name of the cafe is written. When you go inside you can find the ambiance cozy and relaxable. When I came here yesterday, there’s a few customers eating inside.  This place I think is not much familiar with young people because I saw some in their 30’s- 50’s coming from the inside. It just been known to travelers when it was featured in korean drama.

That’s the table or mean side where Eun Tak and Sunny ate together.

I tried their Omija. It’s refreshing! Omija is one of Korea’s unique fruits. Omija or berry has five distinct, fragrant flavors. The word “Omija” means “five flavored fruit”. “O” means “five”, “mi” means “flavor” and “ja” means “a son”, that refers specifically to a men’s sexual stamina. Omija is often marketed as a health drink or tea to women in cafes around Seoul,  because of berry’s acidity it said to be a good for tightening face muscles to avoid wrinkles. So this Omija tea or ade is highly recommended. ❤

Address: Yulguk-ro 1 gil 74-15, Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

From Anguk station Exit 6, walk straight from the Duksung Women’s University, that olace is actually the first meeting of Goblin and Eun Tak. When you reach the first stall if I am not mistaken it’s a restaurant, there’s a small alley turn left and walk a little then you will find the tea house right away. ♡