Everland…. “wah~~~” this was the only word that came from my mouth when I saw Everland. It was so beautiful, enchanting and impressive.  This theme park is the largest in South Korea and no doubt, it is the best amusement park. It is located at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do.

Upon entering, you will see this Everland Tree. A 13-meter tall tree that will instantly attracts tourists.

Grand Emporium is the largest character good shop at Everland decorated in Roman and Greek mythology.

Everland also held Tulip Festival every March to April to mark the onset of spring time. 

If you will gonna visit Everland during spring, autumn or winter… hot coffee is the best drink to keep you warm.

Sad to say I didn’t had the chance to take any rides because I’m honestly afraid to ride them. ^^

When we went to Everland last year 2016, it was their 40th Anniversary. We went there almost 5pm already so I didn’t have much time to see all the attractions inside. But I really enjoyed their Moonlight parade.

I didn’t have much photos for the detailed attractions at Everland, but still you may check their website. There’s a lot more to see and experience and honestly speaking I wanna go back there. One note for breastfeeding moms, don’t hesitate to visit this amusement park even though you have a baby because they have a nursing room where you can able to feed you baby, change diaper and even let them sleep for a little time. They have also strollers for rent. 🙂 For Discount Ticketsyou may visit: trazy.com.