Spring is the season of the new beginnings…where the fresh buds starts to bloom. Spring is the same with my life, a new beginning full of hopes and dreams in the land of Korea.

I came here last year 2016, together my husband and son~~ and it was a perfect timing because it was spring time. I ‘ve seen a lot of korean dramas setting the season on spring time like the drama Strong Woman Dobong Soon, 49 days, Gu Family Book, That Winter, The Wind Blows, Cunning Single Lady and Lie to Me.

Spring for me is a unique and romantic experience. It is the most beautiful time of the year in Korea. I fell in love with its simpleness but it will truly touches your heart. Thanks to the lovely and pink color of the cherry blossoms and it makes the surrounding so charming. Although Japan was known for it’s best Sakura Festival ( Cherry Blossom Festival)~ Korea have it’s own Cherry Blossoms Festival too.


Although cherry blossoms burst into bloom at different times at different region, but it usually blooms between late March to mid-April, so if you are planning to travel Korea check the expected forecast first.

Spring might be lovely to us but one reminder to be careful with the small dusts that came from the flowers, these are not good with our immune system. It may cause allergies and colds. Spring may have its drawbacks to our health but overall it is a positive season of new beginnings. New start in weather, agriculture and self-awareness to take care of ourselves and our surroundings.